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   373 Lakeside Dr • PO BOX 216
       Grass Lake, MI 49240
         517.522.4955 - fax

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This page contains a list of common, frequently asked questions that the township receives. For your convenience they are summarized below with answers provided.  

What are Grass Lake’s borders?

East – Rank Road

West – Hayball Road

North – Katz Road

South – Orban Road

What is Grass Lake’s size?

47.187 square miles

How many residents are there in Grass Lake Charter Township including the village?

2010 population 5683

Are there any upcoming elections?

Prior to each political and school election, the complete ballot is published in the Jackson Citizen Patriot.  Polling locations are listed on your Voters Identification Card.

Where do I register to vote?

You can register at any Secretary of State Branch Office or the Grass Lake Charter Township Clerks office at 373 Lakeside Dr., Grass Lake.

What should I do if I am moving to another address within the Township?

If you are moving from one address to another within the Township, you must change your voter registration address. You may do so by calling the Clerk’s office (517) 522-8464 ext. 123.

What should I do if I am moving to another community?

If you move from Grass Lake Charter Township to another community, you are required to register to vote in your new community or you may go to any Secretary of State branch office. *To vote in any election you must be registered or change your address at least 30 days prior to the election.

How do I obtain an absentee ballot?

The Grass Lake Charter Township Clerks office maintains a permanent list of voters who wish to receive Absentee ballots for POLITICAL and SCHOOL ELECTIONS. If you are 60 years or older, physically challenged, or frequently out of the community call the Township Clerk 517.522.8464, ext. 123 for more information.

Who is the Jackson County Commissioner that represents Grass Lake Charter Township?

District 2, David Lutchka (517) 522-4596  e-mail

Who are the State Representatives that represent Grass Lake Charter Township?

th District Senate Randy Richardville (517) 373-3543 or (866) 556-7917

65th District Mike Shirkey

Who are the Federal Representatives that represent Grass Lake Charter Township?

Congress Tim Walberg   -   7
th District (517) 780-9075 or (202) 225-6276