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Grass Lake Charter Township

Grass Lake is Jackson county's fastest growing community. Located between the cities of Ann Arbor and Jackson, Michigan, it is strategically placed with easy access to the Detroit area businesses and Metropolitan airport, the University of Michigan, Michigan State university, Spring Arbor University and several other colleges and community colleges. Nearby are numerous golf courses, Michigan International Speedway and hospitals and health care centers. Grass Lake is home of the Michigan Center for the Photographic Arts and is designated as a "Cool City Neighborhood." Township residents live amidst farmlands, woodlands and lakes, thus making it a desirable community to raise a family or enjoy life in a rural setting.  Recently, the township has experienced a rapid growth of residential developments.  It recently completed the building of a new high school facility with state of the art classrooms and technology, along with an entire new athletic complex to support the influx of new families.


Township Hall

The township hall houses all department staff, except for the fire department. It is located at 373 Lakeside Drive, a street running along the south end of the lake. 
Township Fire Station

The fire station is centrally located within the township. It is  a state of the art facility for providing excellent fire/rescue services for township residents and businesses. The department has a well trained staff of paid on-call firefighters. The fire department is headed by Fire Chief, Greg Jones
Grass Lake Community Sports & Trails Park

The Community Sports & Trails Park located on Willis Rd is home to the American Youth Soccer Organization and the Grass Lake Summer Youth League baseball. The park contains numerous soccer fields, baseball and softball fields as well as walking trails. 


Grass Lake Charter Township

373 Lakeside Dr.    P.O. BOX 216

Grass Lake, MI 49240

517.522.8464 - phone   517.522.4955 - fax

Hours: Monday ~ Thursday,  8:00am ~ 4:30pm


The Grass Lake Charter Township is open to the public and resumed regular business hours.  In keeping with Governor Whitmer's Executive Order, and for the safety of our staff and residents, please follow all safety and social distancing guidelines that have been put in place while doing business at the Township Office.  

As always a drop box is available if you need to drop off:

a payment for a sewer bill,

an application for building permit,

an absent voter application or ballot,

any papers for the assessor

Any questions please contact:

John Lesinski – johnl@grasslakect.com, 517-522-8464 x 124

Tom Loveland – toml@grasslakect.com, 517-522-8464 x 134

Cathy Zenz – cathyz@grasslakect.com, 517-522-8464 x 121

Barry Wauldron assessor@grasslakect.com, 517-522-8464 x 128


All public Township meetings (Township Board, Planning Commission, ZBA) will continue to be held as Zoom meetings.

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Job Opening

                                                                  The Township is currently looking for a part-time Administrative Assistant.

                                     The position would require proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat PDF use. The duties of this position; to begin with,                                 is to help in the development and implementation of our new website and communications program. The position may grow into a

                                        full-time position that would work in other departments within the Township Office.

                                                           Please send your resume or questions to us at johnl@grasslakect.com

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Grass Lake Charter Township

2021 December Board of Review Meeting


The 2021 December Board of Review will be convened


Tuesday, December 14

9:00 am until the conclusion of business


to correct Principal Residence Exemption (homestead) Affidavits, mutual mistakes of fact, clerical errors, disabled veteran exemptions, and to review poverty exemption applications.  The DBOR does not hear property value appeals.



Grass Lake Charter Township Offices

373 Lakeside Drive, Grass Lake, MI  49240


MCL 211.53b

The Tuesday following the second Monday in December a special meeting of the December Board of Review may be convened by the assessing officer to correct a mutual mistake of fact or clerical error. 


MCL 211.78cc (13) and 211.7ee (6).

An owner of property that is a "homestead" or is "qualified agricultural" property on June 1 may appeal to the December Board of Review for the current year and the immediately preceding 3 years if the exemption was not on the tax roll. 


PA 74 of 1995 authorizes July (and December) Board(s) of Review to hear appeals for poverty exemptions, but not for poverty exemptions denied by the March Board of Review.  Applies to current year only (MCL 211.7u).  (STC Bulletin No. 15/1995.)

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Work Session Meeting

November 23, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

will be held on zoom: https://zoom.us/j/5702792831

or Dial in: (646) 558-8656     Meeting ID: 570 279 2831  Passcode: 010729

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

“if there is a meeting” it will be on this date: December 9, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

will be held on zoom: https://zoom.us/j/5702792831  

or Dial in: (646) 558 8656     Meeting ID: 570 279 2831 Passcode: 010729

 Regular Monthly Meeting

December 14, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

will be held on zoom: http://bit.ly/3qcdol6  

or Dial in: (646) 558 8656     Meeting ID: 914 4872 6712     Passcode 010728

Planning Commission Meeting


“if there is a meeting” it will be on this date: December 16, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

will be held on zoom:  https://zoom.us/j/95279774805

or Dial in: (646) 558 8656     Meeting ID: 952 7977 4805 Passcode: 401752


                                                                                    Grass Lake Seniors


                                                            Join by Zoom https://zoom.us/j/95488332837


                                                              Meeting ID: 954 8833 2837    Passcode: 677506


                                                                                 Dial: (646) 558 8656


 Supervisor John Lesinski
Clerk Cathy Zenz Treasurer Tom Loveland
Trustees: Scott Bray, Tom Brennan,  Tim Golding  & Tina Bednarski-Lynch