June 13, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Hall by Supervisor Stormont.

Board Members Present by Roll Call:  Bray, Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont, Lesinski and Brennan.

Also Present:  Fire Chief Jones, Officer Rick DeLand, Assessor DeBoe and 6 public.

Pledge to Flag recited.

Agenda Additions/Approval:  Loveland wanted to add under New Businesss I – Treasurer’s Office-new hire. Lesinski moved to approve the agenda with addition. Supported by Bray. Motion carried.

Public Comment:  Danny Hart told board that he will no longer do the maintenance at the park and recycle station.  He stated some issues that had recently happened at the park and unhappy with how he was told to handle the situation. Annie Lavergne, Director of Senior Center asked about installing a door bell at front entrance for handicap participants so someone can help let them in.

Minutes: Bray made correction to the May 23, 2017 Work Session Minutes, under Cedar Knoll Listing third paragraph should read Ben Latocki and DeBoe not Bray. Lesinski made a motion to approve the May 9, 2017 Regular Board Meeting, May 23, 2017 Work Session minutes with correction and the May 23, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes. Supported by Lester.  Motion carried.

Presentation of Bills:  Bray made motion to pay General Fund Bills in the amount of $ 61,350.14 and Fire Fund Bills in the amount of $ 11,449.73.  Supported by Lesinski.  Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – All. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bray made motion to accept and file Treasurer’s Report as presented by Loveland. Supported by Brennan.  Motion carried.  

County Sheriff Report:  Report for May was filed as presented by Officer DeLand.

Assessor Report:  Report filed as presented by Assessor DeBoe.

 Zoning Administrator Report:  report filed as prepared by Lammers. 

Planning Commission Report:  Lesinski reported there will be no June Meeting. 

Chief Building Official Report:  accepted and filed as printed.

Whistlestop Park Report:  Minutes of May 15, 2017 meeting was filed as prepared by Joyce Sager.

Recreation Board Report:  Still working on list of open items needing to be done. 

Correspondence:  MTA thank you letter, The Enterprise Group highlights for 2016-2017.

Old Business: a) – Non-elected benefit Policy revision – Zenz made a motion to approve the non-elected benefit policy, retroactive to June 1, 2017. Supported by Lesinski.  Motion Carried. b) – Revised Site Plan Review Fee Schedule – Tabled until June work session. c) – RFP – Basketball Project update – Tabled until June work session so all board members have opportunity to review.  d) -  Open Air Amendment – motion to adopt changes – Lesinski not comfortable with the 300 feet language in chapter 14 #6, he will check with Planning Commission Chair Hinkle and Lammers for clarification. 

New Business: a)Holiday Campground – motion to adopt re-zoning change – Motion by Brennan to re-zone parcel #000-10-19-200-001-02 from Light Industrial (LI) to Residential (R2) in order to be conforming to the zoning for the expansion they have done. Supported by Lesinski.  Roll Call Vote: Yeas All.  Motion Carried. b)Cedar Knoll Listing – Brennan made motion to contract with different realtor as the current contract expires June 27, 2017. Supported by Loveland.  5 – Yeas, 2 – Nays. Motion Carried.  Discussion – need to look at selling price before re-signing with new realtor.  Stormont will follow up with this. c) – Resolution – Sewer Metering – this was just an FYI but the LRUA has recommended the transition from REU to metering by volume, more discussion on this. d) – Sandhill Estates – sewer & water plan – there is discussion on doing a water main construction for Phase 3 of Sandhill Estates and possibly pick up any vacant lots in phase 2.  Quotes on estimated costs was provided for board review. e) – Sports-n-Trails Maintenance Personnel – Due to the verbal resignation from Hart the board needs to think about hiring someone for the position, suggested that we look at the job description prepared previously and see if this will still apply and then either advertise or verbally put out job opening.  Hart expressed concern with the new gator being misused ie: sliding metal across the top of the bed and too many people using it. Also wondered why the expense of signs was put in if there is not going to being any enforcement. Summer Youth League needs to attend the board meetings. Lesinski will look into the cost of purchasing a liner for the bed of the gator or what other options might be available. An official resignation letter needs to come from Hart.  f) – BS & A training report - Zenz and Loveland reported that the training was going very well.  Zenz and Harris have put in extra hours during the three week training period so hopefully the transition will be good and what they are anticipating from the change.  g) – One Monday per month for ping-pong – fall – The Senior Center is hoping to have one night a month in the fall for ping-pong, Zenz will work with Annie Lavergne to figure out the best Monday in the month according to the Townships schedules. h) – Traffic Jam-in Donation – Motion by Brennan to contribute $1,000.00 to this event.  Supported by Lester.  Motion Carried. i) – Treasurer’s Office – new hire – Loveland announced that he is looking into hiring a 3rd person for his office.  Both his and Anna Loveland’s schedules are changing and he would like someone to be in his office all the time, new hire hours would possibly be 20 hours per week. He has a person coming in on June 14 to talk with.  

Fire Department Report:  May report accepted as prepared by Chief Jones. 

Old Business:  the cracks in the parking lot are supposed to get fixed this week.

New Business: June 14 at 6:00 will be the flag retirement with food that the Legion sponsors. Jones also reported that Grass Lake participated in a practice burn on Sunday June 11 that Chelsea sponsored. Jones has also spoken to a possible new candidate for the department.  There was another drug overdose during the month with no survivor.   

Back to item e-New Business – Loveland made motion to accept Danny Hart’s resignation letter that he completed during the meeting and turned into Stormont. Supported by Bray.  Roll Call Vote: Yeas all.  Motion Carried.  Zenz asked what could be done for him to reconsider, comment was nothing.  He was thanked for all his hard work that he has put into the park. 

Public Comment: DeBoe inquired about the request for money for the maintenance of the Gazebo. No request has been received from anyone.  Stormont will look into this.

Adjournment:  Motion by Lesinski to adjourn the meeting at 8:07 pm, supported by Bray.  Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk