Notice is hereby given that the Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing at the Grass Lake Charter Township Hall, 373 Lakeside Drive on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. The Public Hearing is requested by Todd Fodor for an Open Air Business-Firewood Processing at 4105 Norvell Rd, the request requires a Special Use approval per Chapter 14 Section 14.07 AA. of the Grass Lake Charter Township Zoning Ordinance. The parcel #000-15-22-100-001-07 is zoned Agricultural and is 15 acres in size. 


July 11, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Hall by Supervisor Stormont.

Board Members Present by Roll Call:  Bray, Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont, Lesinski and Brennan.

Also Present:  Fire Chief Jones, Officer Rick DeLand and Assessor DeBoe.

Pledge to Flag recited.

Agenda Additions/Approval:  Bray wanted Old Business a-Cedar Knoll Listing to be a closed session after new business of Fire Department. Lesinski moved to approve the agenda with addition. Supported by Bray. Motion carried.

Public Comment:  D DeBoe on behalf of Joe DeBoe wanted to thank the board for all the support for this year’s Traffic Jam-in, preliminary numbers show a gross of 40% more than 2016.

Minutes: Bray made a motion to approve the June 13, 2017 Regular Board Meeting, June 27, 2017 Work Session and June 27, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes. Supported by Brennan.  Motion carried.

Presentation of Bills:  Brennan made motion to pay General Fund Bills in the amount of $ 55,487.13 and Fire Fund Bills in the amount of $ 10,684.18.  Supported by Bray.  Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – All. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bray made motion to accept and file Treasurer’s Report as presented by Loveland. Supported by Lesinki.  Motion carried.  

County Sheriff Report:  Report for May was filed as presented by Officer DeLand.

Assessor Report:  Report filed as presented by Assessor DeBoe.

Zoning Administrator Report:  report filed as prepared by Lammers. 

Planning Commission Report:  Lesinski reported no meeting in June and not sure about July. 

Chief Building Official Report:  accepted and filed as printed.

Whistlestop Park Report:  no report.

Recreation Board Report:  List of completed items and items still to complete was presented.  GLSYL spreadsheet of funds.

Correspondence:  Medical Marijuana, Par Plan letter explaining dividend distribution.

Old Business: a) – Cedar Knoll Listing – moved to after Fire Reports b) – Sandhill Estates – sewer & water plan – After much discussion, Loveland made motion to move forward with getting the permits and working with Jack Ripstra to start the water main construction project to Sandhill Estates Phase 3, funding can come from the current balance in the water fund. Supported by Bray.  At this time Lester asked to abstain from voting on issue, due to his Company owing the remaining lots.  Lesinski made motion to allow Lester to abstain from voting, supported by Zenz.  Motion Carried. Roll Call Vote from first motion – Yeas – Bray, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont, Lesinski & Brennan. Abstain – Lester. c) – RFP – Basketball Project update – Corrections to bid package are being made: add rebar, state thickness of pad and remove request for sidewalks.  d) -  Buildings & Grounds Maintenance Personnel – Stormont has spoken to Patrick Morris and he is interested in doing maintenance around the park and buildings.  Bray made a motion to hire Morris for $13.75 per hour subject to a completed application turned into the clerk.  Supported by Lesinski.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – Bray, Lester, Zenz, Stormont, Lesinski & Brennan.  Nays – Loveland. e) – Whistlestop Park Agreement – update – Stormont passed out the current agreement with some modifications, board will look over and finalize at work session.

New Business: a)Gator Bed Liner – bid – Lesinski is going to look into a government discount at Napoleon Lawn-n-Leisure.  Two quotes were received – Spray in Rhino Liner & John Deere.  Brennan made motion to purchase the hard plastic liner from John Deere (Napoleon Lawn-n-Leisure) for $340.00 or less.  Supported by Bray. Roll Call Vote – Yeas All. b)Mel Parker Resolution (abandoned road) – Jackson County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution abandoning a parcel of land between lots 23 & 24 in Ed List Subdivision. The Township passed a resolution offered by Bray and Supported by Zenz to vacate the same as it was determined that the public roadway serves no useful purpose. Roll Call Vote – Yeas All. Motion Carried. c) – Kalmbach Road Cemetery – Stormont still waiting to hear from Township Attorney for language needed for an agreement, once complete should record something on the parcel with Register of Deeds so it will follow with property if ever sold. d) – Solar Farm Ordinance - issue – Some questions about this has come up and currently is not permitted in the current zoning.  Lammers and Hinkle are working on this and are attending a meeting in Spring Arbor Township about the issue. e) – Diabetes Prevention Program – keep in the morning as it currently is.  f) – Patrick Morris – parks employee – covered under Old Business D.  

Fire Department Report:  June report accepted as prepared by Chief Jones. 

Old Business:  nothing.

New Business: Application was received from Pierce Shivley, he has all paperwork turned into Chief Jones and has all his training. Jones has gear that will fit him so no new purchase will be necessary. Motion by Bray to hire Pierce Shivley as a member of the Fire Department. Supported by Zenz. Motion Carried.   

Motion by Lesinski for the board to go into closed session at 7:30 pm to discuss the Cedar Knoll Listing.  Supported by Bray.  Motion Carried.  

Motion by Lesinski to reopen regular board meeting at 7:55 pm.  Supported by Loveland. Motion Carried. 

Motion by Lesinski to counter offer on Cedar Knoll Listing @ $160,000.00 plus closing costs and any other related real estate fees to be paid by the buyer.  Supported by Bray.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas All. 

Public Comment: None

Adjournment:  Motion by Lesinski to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 pm, supported by Bray.  Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk


July 25, 2017

Board Members Present: Stormont, Lester, Zenz, Bray and Lesinski and Loveland. Brennan arrived at 8:15.

Also Present: Assessor DeBoe

Meeting called to order by Supervisor Stormont at 8:05 am.

Basketball Court Bids – Two bids were received, board members will review to make sure bid request was fulfilled and then make a decision at the August 8, 2017 regular board meeting.

Fireworks Ordinance draft – Stormont presented the board with a sample ordinance and Fireworks Regulation Information as presented by Michigan Township Association.  The Township has received an inquiry about having a fireworks display next year.  The question was brought up about who is going to clean the County Park after the fireworks show and who will monitor the park during the show.  More discussion on this.

Fire Station Asphalt Paving – Large cracks with vegetation are visible and not covered under warranty by Belson.  The vegetation needs to be removed before sealing.  Main question should there be a band aide fix or budget for 2018 to grind and resurface.  The prints when parking lot was original put in will be looked at and decided if an engineer should be contacted to help with any drainage issues and make sure that the proper thickness is applied.  

Fire Service – Sylvan Township inquiry – Stormont received an email from one of Sylvan Township’s Trustees inquiring about Grass Lake’s fire department be the service provider for Sylvan Township.  This email was forwarded to Chief Jones. The board wants to speak with him first before responding to the email.

Cemetery Volunteer Agreement – Stormont has received a legal opinion from the Attorney in regards to the Miles Cemetery on Kalmbach Road. The Attorney suggestion is to have all person(s) working in the cemetery sign a Volunteer Release Agreement. The Board will review information and make decision at August Board Meeting. 

Diabetes Prevention Schedule – Stormont has been talking with Leigh Vogelsong and the desire is to still have classes in the evening.  Stormont and DeBoe will make sure that the door is open for a Wednesday night class from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

Internet Provider – Lesinski expressed concern with the service the Township is getting. Wondering what or if there are any other options.  Comcast is moving into the Township from the south side. 

Election Equipment – Zenz explained the new voting equipment that the State is purchasing through left over funds from the Help America Vote Act and balance coming from State Funds.  The board has to pass a resolution allowing Zenz to sign on behalf of the Township to enter into agreement with the State for the purchase. The Township will receive 4 new voting machines and ballot containers and 3 new automarks.  We will have to purchase one additional voting machine for a spare, Zenz has budgeted for this and would like to purchase the extra machine to arrive with the other machines.

Tournament at Sports-n-Trails Park – Stormont informed the board of the two day tournament that is being held at the park on July 29 & 30. The participants are primarily 9 & 10 year olds. Lloyd Carr and JTV will be in attendance as well as our own Scott Bray and a Drone will be taking pictures.

Motion by Lesinski and supported by Brennan to adjourn at 9:25 am.  Motion Carried.

Respectfully submitted, Catherine N Zenz, Township Clerk


July 25, 2017

A Special Meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on July 25, 2017 at 9:27 am by Supervisor Stormont at the Grass Lake Charter Township Conference Room.

Board Members Present by Roll Call: Stormont, Lester, Brennan, Zenz, Bray, Lesinski and Loveland.

Also Present: Assessor DeBoe.

Motion by Lesinski to pass the resolution designating Zenz  to be authorized to submit the grant application on behalf of the Township to the State for the new voting equipment.  Supported by Lester.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas – Stormont, Lester, Brennan, Zenz, Bray, Lesinski and Loveland. Nays – none.  Resolution passed.

Motion by Brennan to allow Zenz to move forward with the purchase of an additional voting machine not covered by the grant money, the cost will be $4,395.00.  Supported by Bray.  Roll Call Vote – Yeas All.  Motion Carried.

Motion by Lesinski to adjourn special meeting at 9:30 am, supported by Bray.  Motion Carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk