The Grass Lake Township Office will be open on Friday, December 29 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for Property Tax Collection only.


Notice is hereby given that the Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing at the Grass Lake Charter Township Hall, 373 Lakeside Drive on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 7 p.m. The Public Hearing is requested by Mr. Bruce Maxson, agent for the Trustee of the Norman Dean Eschelbach Trust, concerning the property at 12443 E. Michigan Ave. Grass Lake Michigan. The request is to rezone the house and some property to the south from General Commercial to Residential, R-1. The property to the east of the house along Michigan Ave. will remain General Commercial.


Written comments concerning the rezoning request may be sent to Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission, 373 Lakeside Drive, P.O. Box 216, Grass Lake, MI  49240, anytime before the hearing.  This notice is being sent to all property owners within 300 feet of the property in question.  The property and request are more particularly described and on exhibit at the Township Office. Grass Lake Charter Township Office is open Monday thru Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Doug Lammers, Zoning Administrator

Jere Hinkle Chairman, Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission

Planning Commission Meeting

December 21, 2017

7:00 p.m.


1.      Call to order

2.      Pledge of Allegiance

3.      Roll call

4.    Approval of Agenda

5.    Approval of November 16, 2017 meeting minutes

6.   New Business

a.      Public Hearing, Rezoning request application #17-11-0012

b.      Public comment on request

c.       Close Public hearing

d.      Decision on Case #17-11-0012

e.      Application #17-11-0013 Site Plan Review, Holiday Campground


  1. Citizens Wishing to Address the Commission
  2. Township Board Report
  3. Old Business

a.      Review of proposed text amendment for an Event Venue.

b.      Rezoning project following Master Plan Adoption

c.       Zoning Ordinance Section LI/HC

10.  Proposed Business for Next Regular Meeting

  1. General Discussion
  2.  Adjournment



Notice is hereby given that the Grass Lake Charter Township Board will hold a Public Hearing on the proposed Township budget for the 2018 fiscal year on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 8:00 am at the Township Meeting Room, 373 Lakeside Drive.  The property tax millage rate proposed to be levied to support the proposed budget will be subject of this hearing.  Any or all interested persons or their duly appointed representatives will be heard. 


The Township Board will adopt the 2018 budget at a special meeting following the Public Hearing. Other items for the special meeting will be approval of any outstanding 2017 bills.


James Stormont, Supervisor

Cathy Zenz, Township Clerk


Dated:  December 7, 2017

Updated: December 12, 2017

Unapproved Minutes

Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission Meeting

November 16, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Hinkle called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.

ROLL CALL:  Members present: Jere Hinkle, Ken Elliott, Lacey O’Quinn, Jim Warbritton, and Roger Memmer.   Members absent: Todd Raehtz

ALSO PRESENT: Doug Lammers, Township Zoning Administrator and approximately 25 Citizens.



Moved by O’Quinn and supported by Warbritton to approve the agenda.  All ayes. One absent. Motion carried.


Moved by Elliott and supported by O’Quinn to approve the October 12, 2017 meeting minutes.  All ayes. One absent. Motion carried.


a.     Proposed text for Event barn: Chairperson Hinkle reported that the Planning Commission needs to consider addressing event barns since the existing Zoning Ordinance does not address event barns.  Three sample ordinances were prepared with the help of the Township’s attorney.  The three sample/draft ordinances were distributed to Planning Commission members for their review and consideration.  Chairperson Hinkle requested that Planning Commission members review the distributed ordinances for the next meeting.

b.     Solar Ordinance:  Chairperson Hinkle reported that the Planning Commission needs to consider establishing zoning ordinance revisions to address solar energy collectors.  Zoning Administrator, Lammers indicated that several Township residents have been approached about establishing large scale solar collector installations on their property and currently there are no regulations, except for property setbacks. To date, there are several small scale residential solar installations that have been reviewed for compliance based on their compliance with accessory structure setbacks. Information on solar power and sample ordinance regulations was distributed to Planning Commission members for their review and consideration.

c.     Bohne Road gravel mine agreement:  Chairperson Hinkle reported that the Township Board is in the process of addressing operating concerns at the Bohne Road gravel mine.  The Township Board has drafted a Bohne Road Gravel Mining Agreement to address the Township’s concerns and the concerns of neighbors of the facility regarding operation of the site.  Many of the neighbors concerns were expressed at the July 20, 2017 Planning Commission meeting. 


                It was questioned whether existing event facilities, such as the Whistlestop and the Eyry of the Eagle, would be “grandfathered” if new event barn regulations are established.   It was pointed out that the Whistlestop is located in the Village and thus not under Township regulation and that the Eyre of the Eagle is a nonconforming use.

Richard Murphy noted that Township Supervisor, Stormont, indicated that there would be public input regarding the Bohne Road gravel mining operation agreement.

Richard Murphy requested that the October 12, 2017 Planning Commission meeting minutes should reflect a change with regard to the financial impact of the proposed gravel mining operation on Norvell Road.  Although the minutes reflect the concern for negative impact on property values, Mr. Murphy would like the October minutes to reflect the Friends of Grass Lake Township (FOGT) estimate of these impacts to be negative and over 12 million dollars.

A question was raised regarding why regulations regarding event barns is being considered at this time.  Zoning Administrator, Lammers, indicated that the owner of the Eyry of the Eagle had approached the Township about potential expansion of that site which would not be allowed without changes to the existing Zoning Ordinance.



a.     Zoning Ordinance Text, R-1 District, Farming as a permitted use:  Item was tabled.

b.     Zoning Ordinance, Section for LI/HC:  Item was tabled.



The next regular meeting was established for Thursday, December 21, 2017. Business to include continued work on zoning ordinance amendments.


Moved by Warbritton and supported by O’Quinn to adjourn meeting at 7:45 pm.  All ayes. One absent. Motion carried.

Respectively submitted,

Roger Memmer, Secretary

Grass Lake Charter Township Planning Commission


December 12, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Grass Lake Charter Township Board was called to order on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township Hall by Supervisor Stormont.

Board Members Present by Roll Call:  Bray, Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont, Butterfield and Brennan.

Also Present:  Fire Chief Jones, Officer Deland, Assessor DeBoe and 18 public.

Pledge to Flag recited.

Agenda Additions/Approval: Loveland moved to approve the agenda as presented. Supported by Bray. Motion carried.

Public Comment: Stormont welcomed the Cub Scouts to the meeting. Richard Murphy commented that the Planning Commission Minutes from October were not correct and wanted the dollar figure put in of the negative impact on property values, The Township Board Meeting Minutes from November are not on the website, Special Meeting from November not posted, Older persons in the Township don’t feel comfortable approaching the board with questions or concerns, Lester should have excused himself from Township Special Meeting and prior to appointment of Butterfield, would like the Board to table Butterfield’s appointment. (Trustee Bray commented that the minutes were on the Township website, Clerk Zenz commented that notice was posted on Township door, not on the website, and Treasurer Loveland expressed being a long time member of the community and board member and had never heard from anyone that this board was unapproachable). Phil Scheel read opinion about the Township Board in general and about events happening in the Township and having a mistrust in the current board, and watch out 2018 will have consequences.

Minutes: Bray made a motion to approve the November 14, 2017 Regular Board Meeting and November 28, 2017 Work Session Meeting. Supported by Loveland.  Motion carried.

Presentation of Bills:  Loveland made motion to pay General Fund Bills in the amount of $ 53,619.07 and Fire Fund Bills in the amount of $ 42,683.98.  Supported by Brennan.  Roll Call Vote:  Ayes – Loveland, Brennan, Bray, Lester, Zenz, Stormont and Butterfield. Motion Carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Brennan made motion to accept and file Treasurer’s Report as presented by Loveland. Supported by Zenz.  Motion carried.  

County Sheriff Report:  Report for November was filed as prepared by Officer DeLand.

Assessor Report:  Report filed as prepared by Assessor DeBoe.

Zoning Administrator Report:  Report filed as prepared by Lammers. 

Planning Commission Report:  None.

Chief Building Official Report:  Accepted and filed as printed.

Whistlestop Park Report:  none.

Recreation Board Report:  none.

Correspondence:  none.

Old Business: a) – Sandhill Estates – water extension update – as previously stated Jack Ripstra should have information back to the board by end of January 2018.  b) – Park Maintenance position - update – Bray has prepared job description and should be sending out to board members in the next couple of days. .   c) – Norvell Road – update – Stormont attended a Traffic Summit and the latest news is the construction from E Michigan Avenue to Phal Road will happen in 2018. They will be putting 3 feet of gravel and 3 feet of asphalt on both sides of the road. New culverts will be necessary and possibly some tree removal. Traffic light study at Norvell and Warrior Trail will happen again at a later time. Grading will hopefully start this fall with the concrete work in the spring.  d) – Township Hall – North Entrance Bid update – the bid package is still being worked on.

New Business: a)Broadband Initiative – Chris Little introduced himself and how he is trying to bring high speed internet into the Township.  He will have an informational meeting on December 21 @ 5:30 to 6:30 in the Township Meeting Room and another one in January with date to be announced. b)Township Lobby renovation bid – Lobby bid package is being prepared.  Loveland asked if approved to delay start until after the winter collection. c) – Board of Review Resolutions – Zenz offered Resolution for “Authorization for Residents to Protest in Writing to the Board of Review and Authorization for all Protests of Someone Appealing on Behalf of the Property Owner” Supported by Bray. Roll Call Vote Ayes all.  Resolution Passed. Zenz offered Resolution for “Board of Review Poverty Guidelines” Supported by Butterfield. Roll Call Vote Ayes all.  Resolution Passed. March Board of Review will be March 12 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and March 14 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  d) – Planning Commission Appointment – Motion by Bray to appoint Tom Brennan to the Planning Commission as Township Liaison.  Supported by Loveland.  Roll Call Vote Ayes - Bray, Loveland, Lester, Zenz, Stormont, Butterfield. Abstain – Brennan.  e) – Election Commission Appointment – Motion by Bray to appoint Barry Butterfield to the Election Commission.  Supported by Brennan. Roll Call Vote Ayes - Bray, Brennan, Lester, Loveland, Zenz, Stormont. Abstain – Butterfield.   f) – 2018 Board Meeting Dates, Work Session Dates & Holiday Schedule – Loveland made motion to approve the schedules as presented.  Supported by Butterfield.  Motion Carried. g) – Chili Cook-off Sponsorship – Brennan made motion to be a sponsor of the Chili Cook Off during Winterfest 2018 with a $1,000.00 donation coming from the Community Contribution line in the budget. Supported by Lester.  Roll Call Vote Ayes All.  Motion Carried. h) – Volunteer Energy Contract – Stormont had looked into the contract we currently have with Volunteer Energy. They have guaranteed a savings of at least 3% under what Consumers would charge for gas supply. Motion by Zenz to continue contract with Volunteer Energy.  Supported by Lester.  Roll Call Vote – Ayes All.  Motion Carried. i) – Senior Center extension of hours - The center would like to extend hours until 3:30 Tuesday thru Thursday.  Motion by Zenz to extend the hours as requested.  Supported by Loveland.  Motion Carried.

Fire Department Report:  November report accepted as prepared by Chief Jones. 

Old Business:  nothing.

New Business: a) – Fire Station Retention Pond bid – A retention pond is needed before any improvement to parking lot at the station. A proposal had been prepared. Lester asked to abstain from voting.  Brennan made motion to allow Lester to abstain from voting. Supported by Zenz.  Motion Carried. Zenz would like to review after all 2017 bills are paid and the 2018 budget is completed to determine if funds available. Stormont would like approval based on if funds available. Brennan wants this to go out for bids, even though below the required $7,500.00 limit before two quotes necessary , he feels this is the best way to handle this.  This will be tabled and reviewed at later date.

Public Comment: Bob Kraft thanked Brennan for insisting on going out for bids on the retention pond. Richard Murphy also agreed.

Adjournment:  Motion by Brennan to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 pm, supported by Butterfield.  Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted, Catherine Zenz, Township Clerk